The Scientific Pursuit of Stalking

J. Reid Meloy

Dr. Reid Meloy’s ninth book provides his vast research on stalking and obsessional following and summarizes the implications of that research. Framed with a beautifully haunting cover painting by Konstantin Dikovsky titled, “The Hidden,” Dr. Meloy has produced the most comprehensive chronology of what we know about stalking yet published. It is a must for every forensic library and any professional working in this area. From the Foreword “Stalking is neither new nor rare. Examples of intrusive behaviors that would now be identified as stalking have been described for centuries, but in the late 1980s these behaviors finally found a name. Initially, the American media applied the evocative term “stalkers” to those who pursued the famous. This label gripped the public’s imagination and rapidly propelled stalking into the public’s consciousness. It exposed a once obscure form of social deviance and provided the impetus for its criminalization.” Though not a new behavior, stalking may well be more prevalent in a new millennium characterized by…”


Meloy, J. R. (2006). The Scientific Pursuit of Stalking. Specialized Training Services, Inc.

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