The Psychology of Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement Officers

Michel St-Yves and Peter I. Collins

Responding to emergency situations, protecting society and saving lives are the tasks of all police officers. To accomplish this mission, they must adapt to the evolution of our society and intervene among groups that are increasingly diverse and in situations that are increasingly complex and risky. Mentally disturbed or suicidal individuals, random shooters, hostage-takers, religious or political fanatics are all part of the situations in which police officers must intervene. These present a high risk of harm to others as well as to the responding officers. A remarkably efficient and safe weapon, utilized in these incidents, is called communication.

A police officer’s work relies on the use of psychology, especially when it comes to resolving conflictual or crisis situations. This book provides a better understanding of human crises and the methods used to intervene, whether it be in relation to those “responsible” for the crisis or the victims of these events. This book is for all those who are called upon to intervene in crisis situations, especially police officers, crisis intervention teams and mental health professionals.


St-Yves, Michael, Collins, Peter I. (2012). The Psychology of Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement Officers. Éditions Yvon Blais: Thomson Reuters.

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ISBN: 978077984955