Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (3rd Edition) (Fire Investigation I & II)

David J. Icove Ph.D. PE, John D. De Haan, Gerald A Haynes

Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction, Third Edition, describes and illustrates a new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes, applying the principles of fire protection engineering along with those of forensic science and behavioral science. Modern fire investigation topics are covered, including comprehensive documentation, hypothesis testing, and defensible reconstruction of the events leading up to the fire and its final results. Using historical fire cases and realistic case examples, the authors examine the newest lessons learned and insight into the ignition, growth, development, and outcome of those fires. All documentation in the case examples follows or exceeds the methodology set forth by the NFPA in NFPA 921–Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations and its companion standard NFPA 1033–Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, 2009 Edition, and Kirk’s Fire Investigation, Seventh Edition.


Icove DJ, De Haan JD, Haynes GA. Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction. Prentice Hall; 2013.

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ISBN-10: 0132605775

ISBN-13: 978-0132605779