Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction (2nd Edition)

David J. Icove Ph.D. PE, John D. De Haan

Completely updated in a new edition, this book remains the best resource for a thorough understanding of fire dynamics, describing and illustrating a totally new systematic approach for reconstructing fire scenes. The approach applies the following principles of fire protection engineering along with forensic and behavioral science: identifiable fire pattern damage, human factors, physical forensic evidence of human activity, and application of the scientific method based upon relevant scientific principles and research. Using historical fire cases, the expert authors provide new information and insight into the ignition, growth, development, and outcome of those fires.


Icove, David J., and John D. De Haan. Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction: 2nd Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009. Print.

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ISBN-10: 0132228572