Combating Arson-For-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators

David J. Icove, Vernon B. Wherry, J. David Schroeder

Combating Arson-for-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators is a practical, step-by-step, how-to arson investigator’s guide. It provides a model for structuring investigations with emphasis on planning, coordination, and scrupulous attention to records and details. The authors tell how to conduct an investigation and how to collect and handle documentary evidence. They discuss advanced investigative techniques including flow-charting, link analysis, and computer-assisted investigations.
Combating Arson-for-Profit describes how to prepare and present a case when the investigation is completed and includes Anatomy of an Arson-for-Profit Investigation, a fictionalized case based on an actual federal prosecution. The book also includes a companion computer disk with forms, illustrations, and investigative flowchart.

This second edition is a complete update, providing the scope and detail of information required to further the expertise of any individual or group conducting arson-for-profit investigations. Combating Arson-for-Profit will be useful to: Fire and arson investigators Fire science and criminal justice instructors Prosecutors, defense counsels, and judicial officials involved in arson investigations Insurance investigators.


Icove, David J., Vernon B. Wherry, and J. David Schroeder. Combating Arson-for-profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators. Columbus, OH: Battelle, 1998. Print.

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ISBN-10: 1574770233

ISBN-13: 978-1574770230