Gary Plank

At Large


Gary Is a Threat Assessment and Management Consultant with SafeHaven Security Group where he works with nationally recognized companies to keep their employees and clients safe and their company out of the headlines. 

Gary retired from the Nebraska State Patrol after serving the citizens of the State for 28 years – including 24 years in the Investigative Services Division as a criminal investigator and the last 17 years as the State’s only behavior profiler. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling, both from Chadron (Nebraska) State College. 

As one of only 34 graduates of the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime Police Fellowship Program, Gary received 11 months of intensive training in behavior profiling. As part of this program, he was able to participate in developing profiles of offenders from around the world. He has also attended the Advanced Threat Management Academy developed by the Gavin de Becker Agency in California. 
Gary has presented extensively on threat assessment, campus safety, workplace violence, school violence, stalking, criminal sexuality, and homicide issues. During his tenure with the State Patrol, he developed and managed the State’s threat assessment response for high-ranking government officials and celebrities and implemented the State’s Sex Offender Registry and Cold Case Squad.

His research activities have included collaboration on FBI studies of sex offenders, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation stalking research, and research on threats with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Law/Psychology Department. He served on the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Insider Threat Expert Panel for ManTech Security & Mission Assurance Corporation on a U.S. Department of Defense contract. His expertise in investigating sex offenders earned him appointments from two Nebraska governors on the Governor’s Work Group on the Management of Sex Offenders.

Gary’s threat assessment work has been published in nationally recognized peer review journals and presented at national threat assessment conferences. His publications include co-authoring the chapter “Evaluation of Anonymous Threats” in the French Canadian-published Psychology of Criminal Investigations: The Research of the Truth. 
As a member of the faculty at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska, Gary helped to develop the Master of Forensic Science Program, where he headed the Investigative and Behavioral Science Tracks.