Mark Duke 

At Large


Mark Duke is currently on the ICIAF board of directors and serves in the capacity of director at large. He has served two terms as the director at large position and one term as the new members director. Mark joined the ICIAF in 2015 as an understudy and successfully completed his training in Criminal Investigative Analysis in 2020. In 2020 Mark became a Full Fellow in the ICIAF. 

Mark worked for the San Antonio Police Department as a patrolman from 1994 until 2010. From 2003 until 2009, Mark trained probationary police officers as a Field Training Officer (FTO). In 2010 Mark was promoted to detective in the SAPD Homicide Unit where he served until his retirement in 2023.  

During his time with the San Antonio Police Department, Mark handled approximately 160 murder cases as lead detective and investigated over 400 additional death investigations that fell into the categories of suicide, accidental death, equivocal death, overdose and natural. Additionally, Mark assisted in the investigations of approximately 500 additional death investigation cases to include homicide, suicide, accidental, overdose, officer involved shootings and in custody deaths as an assisting detective. 

Mark’s strengths are related to all aspects of homicide and death investigations. Mark has testified in court as an expert witness and continues to do so in his retirement. In 2021 Mark was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the San Antonio Police Department for his work in Criminal Profiling. 

Mark is dedicated to helping keep the disciplines of criminal profiling alive within the law enforcement community and provide an avenue of training for future understudies.